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I can’t remember not having at least one book on the go, whether being read to by my mother when I was little or picking out books on my own as I got older. Reading is part of my lifestyle. Books come with me wherever I go.

Writing is something I do hidden away. I have non-fiction published but fiction, the stuff from my own imagination, that has stayed firmly in my own head.

I studied journalism and English literature with a side of creative writing and film studies. I am currently writing a novel set in 15th century Italy about a young girl who wanted to join a convent rather than get married but gets caught up with Borgia family (the real life papal family) after meeting Lucrezia Borgia, the pope’s daughter.

re: read pages is a blog dedicated to discussing great writing and the craft of writing and to encouraging me (and other aspiring writers out there) to keep working on that novel, short story or scrap of an idea tucked away for someday. Today is that day.

To that end, I plan on posting three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mondays will be for discussing whatever book I finished reading while Wednesdays will be a more general chat about writing. Fridays I will save for writing about my own work as I strive to finish my novel or any other work that I feel compelled to write.

So, please bookmark re: read pages, come back often, leave comments and keep reading and writing.


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